Saturday, 20 August 2016

My Makeup Horror Story!

I had a full makeup meltdown a few weeks ago. Which lead to me having a full blown paddy and me binning half of my makeup collection. I wake up in a morning and apply my makeup and go to work just as I always have.

Then it got to about 7pm and I went to my dressing room, sat down at my vanity to remove my makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought, “what the fuck has happened”.  My MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation had completely changed colour. I looked a complete joke and I couldn’t believe that I had left the house looking like that.

But when I left the house in the morning it matched me perfectly, but MAC Studio Fix Fluid is known for oxidising but this was just crazy. I left the house matching my NC40 perfectly and when I got back in the house I would say I was more of a NC58, it was so different to the morning!

I since have gone onto a completely different foundation because I cannot look like a mongoose anymore. I just wanted to ask has anybody else had this kind of problem with this foundation. I am sure I’m not the only one who this has happened to. As women and I am sure men too, we all go through stages of self-loathing.

And for me I just think I needed to get rid of somethings and start over to hopefully start not looking like a clown anymore!

I would love to hear from you and see if you have had any of the same problems that I have. 


  1. I have not tried a MAC foundation but that does not sound good! I hate foundations that change colour on you! <3 Lovely post though!

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

    1. I have to say that I have tried near enough all of the MAC foundations and this is the only one that I have an issue with!

      Danielle xx

  2. I've had the same issue with my MAC foundation - it would be the perfect shade in the morning, but after a couple of hours I would always end up looking like abit of an oompa loompa! I stopped wearing it for a few months, but after going on holiday a few weeks back, my current foundation didn't match my tan so I had to mix the two. I haven't had any problems since - it has worked a treat. :)

    Lots of Love,
    Ana Sofia

    1. It is just so frustrating isn't when you pay all that money and it oxides like that!

      Danielle xx


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