Sunday, 28 August 2016

MAC Face and Body vs Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

This is another comparison blog post. These have been really popular and I just wanted to do another to hopefully help some of you guys out when choosing a new foundation. I chose these two because they are very similar I found, but I have found some differences, so let’s just jump into it.

First let’s talk about the amount of product that you get in both of these foundations. With the Koh Gen Do you get 30ml, which I have mentioned before is the standard amount that you get in a foundation bottle, so nothing really to write home about there. The MAC Face & Body you get 120ml which is a crazy amount. That is four times the amount that you get normally in a bottle of foundation!

Right then, now we are on to how it is dispensed. The Koh Gen Do has a pump, which I love. It controls the amount that comes out. A pump is pretty standard on foundation bottle nowadays. The MAC Face and Body has a spout which you pour and squeeze the foundation out of. I do like that but it can be hard to control due to the extremely water like consistency.

Which leads me on ideally into the consistency of these foundations. The MAC face and body foundation is incredibly thin, like water. If you put some of this on the back of your hand and tilt it, it will just run straight off. The Koh Gen Do is very similar. Really watery texture but not quite as thin as the face and body. Again this will just run on any surface.

The coverage of the MAC Face and Body is really lightweight. It provides almost next to nothing coverage. If you are looking for something to cover this isn’t the foundation for you. This is more of a foundation just to enhance rather than perfect. The Koh  Gen Do is a little thicker and offers a sheer to medium coverage but this is eaily buildable and blends like velvet onto the skin.

The packaging of the MAC Face and Body isn’t great. It is just a plastic bottle that you can squeeze with a screw lid, not amazing. But, nevertheless, it is great for travelling with because there is no way that this could leak or smash. On the other hand the Koh Gen Do is much nicer. It is a glass bottle with the very simple logo on the front. A lid goes over the pump to make sure that it cant pump while transporting, but the glass could possibly smash.

Now onto the last comparison point, the price. The MAC Face and Body is only £29.50 which may seem like a lot but when you think that is still less than a Chanel foundation and you get almost 3 times the amount, it is an amazing price. The Koh Gen Do to order to the UK is around £66, which is extortionate for a foundation, that price does include the item, shipping to the UK and VAT on top. Which is hell of a lot of money for a foundation.

Overall, even though the price for the quantity is incredible with the MAC Face and Body, the overall product that you get with the Koh Gen Do I find to be worlds better than the Face and Body and I have to admit even though it is a lot more expensive, I would repurchase the Koh Gen Do over the MAC!

I would love to hear from you and if you have tried both of these foundations how do you think that they measured up at the side of each other.


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