Thursday, 18 August 2016

How I Keep My Skin Clear

I know for a fact that I have been very lucky throughout my teenage years that I have always had very clear skin. My poor sister suffered with acne all of her life, even now she has to go on various medications to try and balance out her skin. It tends to be that one thing works really well but there will be awful side effects which means she has to change and she is back to square one.

Even though I don’t really get spots I do get problem areas where I can get really small blemishes. Over the past few years in my early twenties I have been noticing this even more. I put it down purely to how much different makeup I try out. In one week alone I probably try out 5 different primers and foundations and because they are so new I don’t know how they react with my skin.

So, I have started to take some steps to make sure that my skin is well clean and fresh and to help minimise the amount of blemishes that I get. First, I start by taking every scrap of my makeup off. I use baby wipes to get the bulk of the makeup off my skin. If I start by using cleanser and cotton pads I end up going through loads of them and it just seems like a waste.

I will then go for my shower. I like to do this because the steam from the shower really opens up my pores and makes the rest of the makeup come to the surface. I will then go in with my face cleanser and cotton pads and wipe away all of the makeup that is sat on my skin. It is quite worrying to see how much makeup comes off again when I do this.

Once my makeup is completely makeup free I will often go in with a face mask. The one I use isn’t a fancy one it is just one that I got from the body shop. I think the reason why I like it so much is because you peel it off and I just find it so satisfying.

Then once that is all peeled off and my face is 100% clean and fresh I will apply my night and eye cream. Both of these products are by Charlotte Tilbury, I have really fallen in love with her skincare range and I have seen such a huge difference since I started using them.

Then that is it really. In the morning before I go in with my makeup I will go in with my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Then I just go every day and it ensures that at the end of the day my face is completely bare.

I don’t like to use anything too harsh on my skin. I have been tempted to buy a Clarisonic but it just seems like they really pull the skin and I will do anything to prevent wrinkles!

I would love to hear your skincare tips for clearer skin so make sure to leave me any comments below!


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