Friday, 19 August 2016

Anastasia Brow Gel Review

I am all about the brows and I have mentioned before I have big and thick eyebrows and I absolutely love them. In my years I have over-plucked, shaved and waxed them. Now I let them grow free and I just maintain them and shape them as and when they need it.

So, I need something to keep my unruly brows in place and the product I chose for the job is this bad boy, the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. I have had brow gels previously but to be honest I felt like they weren’t really doing anything. Like I tried the MAC one when I first started letting them grow back and my brow hairs still felt really soft afterwards, they didn’t feel locked in place like I wanted them to.

Then I saw the Anastasia Brow Gel on the Sephora website and I had to buy it. I actually bought it off the British company Beauty Bay just to cut down on carriage costs. I bought this and everything about it was just so much better than the MAC one that I had previously bought. I tried this for the first time on a Sunday when I wasn’t wearing any other makeup. I wanted to have an honest opinion just on this product, without being influenced by the Anastasia Brow Pomade or Brow Powder that I was using.

So, I woke up and put a slick of this through my brows and went about my day. I think I yawned at some point in the day and I felt my brow hairs like crack because they were set that well in place. Even without any brow powder or pomade through my brows this really helped them to look groomed and finished. In comparison to the MAC Brow Set this really does work and it sets them into place until you physically remove the product.

One thing that I did notice with this product when I applied it through my finished brows was that it moved the Anastasia Brow Powder that was already in place. I normally draw the end of my eyebrow on quite strong and feather it out the closer to my nose that I get. However, when I ran this over the tail of my eyebrow I noticed that it moved the product and made it much more transparent.

So, when I have done my powder, then my gel I go back in with the Anastasia Brow Pomade around the set in place hairs just to make that area deeper. I do love this product and I have used it every single day since I first bought it. I recommend it to everyone and use either the clear brow gel or coloured on my clients.

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