Wednesday, 24 August 2016

5 Back To School Makeup Tips

I know how much of a big thing going back to school is. By the end of the school holidays I used to be so excited to go back and see all of my friends. This post is all about back to school makeup. I made some huge makeup disasters when I was at school because back then there wasn’t YouTube tutorials to help you out.

So, I would often rock up to school wearing a foundation that was 5 shades too dark and with a huge tide mark around the edge of my face. I want you guys to learn from my mistakes so I am going to give you some simple tips to try and have a smooth sailing at school… when it comes to makeup anyway!

1)             Make sure your foundation matches

I cannot stress this enough. Take your mum or your friend when you are going to buy a foundation and make sure that they will be honest with you. I suggest comparing the colour of the foundation to that colour of your hand, chest, neck and face. By swatching a small amount onto all of these areas you will be able to gauge what will work best overall for you. Just remember that mother knows best, if something is too dark your own mum will be honest enough to tell you whereas, a friend might just try to be kind.

2)          Ditch the highlight and contouring

There’s no need to go 100% glam for school. It just makes you look overdressed. Back when I wasn’t at school there wasn’t highlighting and contouring but I did fall in with the bronzer far too many times. Just go really natural. If you need the coverage under your eyes just go for a lightweight concealer, you don’t have to go full on highlighted.

3)          Try a BB cream

Before going in with the foundation first try a BB cream. These are so much lighter than a foundation and most of the time they are all you need. They offer coverage but are good for your skin all at the same time. They just make you feel hydrated. Obviously if you feel you need more coverage go for the foundation, but I would give a BB cream a go before.

4)          Don’t bother with eyeshadows

At school you don’t need to have a smokey eye. I dropped my cousin off for school a few months ago and she had more makeup on that I have for a night out and she just looked a little silly. Why do you need a smokey eye to sit on maths class? By all means go in with a little eyeliner to define, but the shadows are unnecessary unless it looks super natural.

5)          Don’t pluck your eyebrows

I know this isn’t makeup technically but it fits into the whole category. When I was at school eyebrows wasn’t really a big thing. I was pre-Cara as I like to call it. But I did tweeze my eyebrows myself and I made a real mess of them. They were all wonky and worst of all now they don’t grow in certain areas. I haven’t plucked them to shape in years and the hairs still refuse to grow back. Natural brows are best!

6)          Lip balm only

Even now as 21-year-old I do not wear lipstick every single day. For day to day life it just isn’t really necessary. I carry about 3 different lip balms with me and I find that they are more than enough. I know when I did once wear lipstick to school I ended up with it all over and it just looked a mess because I was there for nearly 9 hours!

So there you have my simple tips for back to school makeup. I am not saying that you have to stick to these rules. Makeup is something that is really creative because it is your face and you can do whatever you want with it. But I just don’t want you to have the same problems that I did when I was at school!

Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you!


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