Saturday, 9 July 2016

St Tropez vs St Moriz

Now we are onto the battle of the tanners. I fake tan all the time. I have to have tanned skin or I feel physically ill. That may be a slight over reaction, but I am sure that some of you understand where I am coming from. I have tried so many fake tans over the years and these two are some of my favourites so I thought that I would do a post on them.

I am so careful with my skin and I will never go on a sunbed and when I am on holiday in the sun I am ever so careful with my skin care. You just have to think that you only get one skin and once it is damaged there is no going back. Skin is your biggest organ so look after it guys.

Anyway, this means that I always fake tan. I have tried so many but I hear a lot of people talk about these two and use the so I thought I would battle them out and let you know what I think about them.

St Moriz and St Tropez are the two that I always make sure I have a bottle of. There are similarities and differences with a massive one been the price. Let’s get started with the comparison… First up, the amount of product that you get. In both of the bottles you get 200ml, which is a pretty standard amount for a bottle of fake tanning mousse. So for this they are on a pretty even playing field.

Then how it is dispensed. Both bottles have a pumping method. Again, level playing field for that. I do have to say that sometimes the pump on the St Moriz can be a little intermittent and can sometimes leak, but it isn’t all of the time.

Now onto the consistency. The St Tropez glides on the skin really nice and smoothly. It really nourishing and moisturising which is helps the dryer parts of my body such as bottom of my shins. The St Moriz is similar but if I am honest it is even softer when you apply. It feels really nourishing. But I would say that the St Moriz isn’t as pigmented as the St Tropez and I have to use more of this then the St Tropez to build up the same colour.

Then the scent. The St Tropez does have a fake tan smell to it but it isn’t anything too overbearing. It is a scent that you can initially smell, but after a few minutes and once it has been absorbed by the skin it does go away and fade. However, the St Moriz is a different story. This stuff has the signature fake tan smell and it is strong. I can take tan on the 3rd floor of my house and people on the ground floor can smell it. It also lingers, it doesn’t seem to fade away at all.

Then finally, onto the price… The St Moriz is a measly £2.99 when I bought it off Amazon and the St Tropez is £24.99, again from Amazon. The difference in price is just staggering. For £2.99 the St Moriz is an amazing product. The faults with it such the scent really can be overlooked because of the low price. The St Tropez for £24.99 is really good because the staying power is so much more that the St Moriz. St Tropez lasts for approximately a week, whereas the St Moriz about a single shower.

So that is my break down and comparison on these two products. My honest opinion is that I do like these fake tans for different reasons. For the St Moriz, it is great for a quick everyday application because of the price. For when I am going out for an occasion I like to use the St Tropez because it doesn’t transfer as much, doesn’t smell and it is such a nice deep olive colour.

I would love to hear from you if you have tried one or both of these products. Leave anything in the comments below or drop me an email and I will get straight back to you. I will leave some links below in case you want to check them out…


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