Friday, 8 July 2016

My First Louis Vuitton Alma Bag!

I have had a lot of people commenting and emailing me asking me to do reviews on some of my designer goods so I thought I would start with my very first Louis Vuitton purchase. I got this bag when I went on a girl’s holiday when I was 6. That sounds crazy doesn’t it. My step-mum and her girlfriends went to the South of France for a girl’s holiday and she was obsessed with me, she thought of me as her little Barbie doll, so she took me with her.

One day, using my dad’s credit card which was completely unbeknown to him, she took me into the Louis Vuitton store where I got my first bag. When dad found out about it he was furious, he had no idea and even though he has the money he is a meticulous saver and doesn’t spend his money on things like this. Luckily he let me keep it.

I haven’t used this bag in years, the pattern just isn’t in style anymore. I have to be honest and say that the multi colour monogram has never really been a particular favourite of mine, but I still liked to use it especially when I was in school.

I think when we bought it all them many moons ago this bag worked out around £650 and now I see these selling online for about £1500. And I would sell it but I have Biro on the inside from when I used it at school, silly me!

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