Friday, 22 July 2016

MAC Full Coverage Foundation - NW50 Review

Now this is the 3rd part of my three-part trilogy review on the MAC Full Coverage Foundation. You may or not have seen my first two reviews on this product so let me give you a brief lowdown…

I always think that make up works best when corresponding products are used together. Such as I use this product in my natural skin colour, a lighter highlight colour and a darker contour colour. Because it is the same product and it all has the same formula, it works together better. I’m sure we have all used a product before, then layered something on top and it turned into a mess. By using the same products this doesn’t happen.

This is all about the MAC Full Coverage Foundation in the colour NW50. I use this to contour in all of the usual places, being cheekbones, jaw line, around the centre of the forehead and a little down the nose.

I apply this contour using a MAC 188 Duo Fibre brush, this way you are guaranteed not to pick up too much product and end up going overboard. Then using a MAC 187 I take a little normal skin tone foundation such as L’Oréal True Match and blend it all out.

The MAC Full Coverage Foundation is a highly full coverage foundation which is so highly pigmented that only a little is needed in order to do the job.

The reason why I like to use this product to contour is because it is full coverage. I have mentioned before that I have hyper pigmentation and freckles on my cheeks which I like to cover. By using full coverage products there it makes sure that the product there isn’t displaced.

I also use this product on my clients too. I have this Full Coverage Foundation in every colour so no matter what the skin tone of the client is I have shades which can be used for contouring. I really do find that it works well on all skin tones. The only thing I have been told about this and I have noticed it a little myself is that it can be a little drying.

It is probably due the high level of pigment in the product. I overcome this by applying a thick moisturiser like the Chanel Hydra Crème which is my absolute favourite. Sometime I even put some of the Full Coverage Foundation onto a pallet then mix in some of the Hydra Crème, then apply it like a normal liquid foundation.

As normal on my blog I will leave a couple links below to where you can find the items mentioned in this post. Also, if you have any questions please leave them below and then I will get right back to you. 


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