Saturday, 23 July 2016

Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I thought I would do a comparison on these two products because they are pretty similar because they are both thick ass foundations. I have owned MAC Studio Fix Fluid for what seems like forever and I have always been a fan. Then I got Kat Von D Lock It on one of my latest trips to America and I fell in love, but they are pretty similar.

So let’s just jump into the comparison… First let’s mention the amount of product that you get with each of these. With both of these products you get 30ml. Which is just a standard amount that you tend to get in bottles of foundation. For me a 30ml bottle of foundation lasts a month using it every day. So as for that they are on a level playing field.

Now let’s talk about how they are dispensed. The Kat Von D Lock It Foundation comes with a built in pump. It also comes with a stopper on to stop it going all over if it is a makeup bag. The only thing is that it doesn’t stop the pump from being pressed, and when it is pressed fully the stopper doesn’t stop all the product.

The MAC Studio Fix Fluid comes as standard with a screw lid on it but with no pump, you have to purchase the pump separately. Without the pump it is very messy, you have to pour some out and it just means that it goes to waste. With the pump it is so easy to use, and the pump comes with a stopper which means that the pump cannot even be pressed down which is a god send!

The consistency of both of these is thick but they do vary quite a bit. The Kat Von D Lock It is a very thick consistency, when you pump it out it holds it shape like a dollop of mousse more than a liquid. But when it is pump onto the skin it feels really soft and it blends out and can be sheared.

The consistency of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid is thick but more of a liquid texture. It does hold its shape like the Kat Von D and blends out really nicely and gives a full coverage finish. It can look cakey though if it isn’t blended out thoroughly.

Now, onto the packaging. The MAC is a glass bottle which does feel quite luxurious but at the same time it can be disastrous, I had an experience dropping this onto my tile floor. To this day I can still see a hint of NC40 in the groves! The Kat Von D has a stunning tattoo pattern, true to the creator herself. And as for the plastic packaging, I always find plastic to feel cheap but for travelling this is a perfect choice!

Finally, we are onto price… MAC Studio Fix Fluid here in the UK retails for £22 which for 30ml of full coverage product I find quite reasonable. The Kat Von D if I want to repurchase for delivery to here in the UK I will have to order from Sephora and it would set me back around £37 including carriage and taxes.

Overall I do really like both of these foundations and I have used them for so long. If I had to choose a favourite I would go more towards the MAC Studio Fix Fluid, it is cheaper and offers amazing coverage. I have even mixed this with moisturiser to get it sheerer. I love it!

I would love to hear from you and if you have tried both of these foundations how do you feel about them? Also, I will leave some links below in case you want to check any of these items mentioned in this post out.


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