Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Review

As some of you have may have read from a previous review I got an Illamasqua kit from my first makeup college course. And as I’ve said before I didn’t particularly like it. Not due to the quality of the product but because of how expensive the whole kit was and how little we received for the money.

It made me put a whole dampener on the products and for a long time I didn’t use anything that was in the kit because I just completely disregarded them. But then I ran out of my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation and I needed to use something else so I grabbed the one from my kit which I had shoved to the back of my draw.

First thing I noticed when I went to grab this was how hard it was to get any of the product out of the packaging. It is in a tube but it is made of really hard plastic so you can barely squeeze anything out. And I must say with acrylic nails on, it is the most ideal thing. The perfect tube for squeezing foundation out is MAC Studio Sculpt, it is easy to get the product and you can get every little bit.

Then when I started to use I actually really liked it. The consistency is thick but not too thick at all. If you were to put some on the back of your hand for use, it would stay put and wouldn’t run off. I applied this with a Sigma F80 Kabuki and it really blended it out really nicely.

The coverage is medium to full and can definitely be built up to hide all blemishes and troublesome areas. Even though this foundation did apply lovely and the coverage and finish were flawless it really didn’t sit well on my skin. I am naturally a very lucky person, I don’t have to do anything in particular to my skin and I never suffer with breakouts. But this foundation made little white bumps appear all over my skin.

They weren’t spots or blackheads just raised areas of skin, which didn’t look very nice. However, I have used this foundation on clients and they absolutely adored it, so I have to say that it was probably just me that had an allergic reaction to it. But everybody else I know that have used it all love it and have had no problems at all with it.

I since have even gone out and bought more shades of this to make my kit complete because it seems so diverse because it suits near enough every skin type and tone that I have used it on.

I do love this foundation for my kit, but for me personally it is a miss. If you were interested in it, I would recommend going to a store and asking for a sample and trying it out for a while before committing and buying the whole thing.



  1. Damn that sucks lol! I heard Illamasqua was the end all be all when it came to full coverage. The sephora by me pulled it from their shelves..wonder why :/


    1. I know loads of people that do really enjoy this, it just really didn't work out for me. If I was going to spend this kind of money I would rather get the Makeup Forever HD! xx


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