Saturday, 2 July 2016

Chanel No. 5 Perfume Review

Where do you even start with this?! This Chanel No. 5 perfume gives me life. I am sure that by now after using it daily for 7 maybe 8 years that it is in my blood. This is just such an iconic perfume and one that I make sure I always have stocked up on my perfume shelf!

I started using Chanel No. 5 when I was around 15. I had an obsession with Marilyn Monroe, so anything she did, and I had to do as well. I can remember watching a programme all about her, taking her all the way through her life and near the end it showed the interview where she is asks what she wears to bed, in which she says…

“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course”

So, for my upcoming birthday I begged for it. I got some and I have been using it ever since. Any pocket money and my part time wages went to fund my addiction to Chanel No 5. Every Christmas and birthday I must at least get 3 bottles of this. My family feeds my addiction which is great because it means I don’t have to spend my own money on it because it is bloody expensive.

I know this fragrance does tend to divide opinion. I love it because it is a deep and I would even use the word sexy to describe it. Which is exactly why some people don’t like it. I know for a fact my own mum doesn’t like it which drives me crazy!

First things first, let’s start with the packaging. The bottle is the most gorgeous thing, I used to save them when they were empty just because I couldn’t bear to part with something so stunning. But then it got a little excessive and we were moving house and even I wouldn’t cart a load of empty bottles with me!

The product itself is like nothing I have ever smelt and trust me I have tried a lot while trying to find a good dupe for this. It is such a deep and rich scent. Just by smelling it you can even tell that it is an expensive perfume because of the depth to it.

I love this so much, I keep a bottle on my dressing table, in my handbag and one in my car. For me this is the perfume that I will never get bored of. It is my baby and I absolutely adore it. I advise everybody goes and at least gets a sample of this or a small rollerball version just to see how it wears on them.

I always just got the biggest bottle of this stuff which I think is about £85 for 100ml and it lasts me more or less a full year because I try and switch my fragrances up every now and again. I am just obsessed with it and know for a fact that this is my signature scent. As normal I will link down below to this item and some other of my favourite perfumes!



  1. Chanel N5 was the best perfume in 70's or 80's, no doubt about that. But after inventing other Chanel female perfume like "Chance and Coco" the attraction is biased to them, I think. Personally, I still love the Chanel N5. I bought it for my wife from a local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh and she just loves it. Thanks for sharing this review.

    1. To me, it is just such a classic scent!

      Danielle xx


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