Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Topshop Red Zip Up Cord Dress

I honestly had been looking at this dress for so long. And by saying I was looking at it for so long, I mean that literally. I checked the website several times throughout the day to make sure it didn’t say that it was low in stock. The thing with the Topshop website is that it isn’t like the ASOS where you can save things and it outwardly shows when items are low in stock, you physically have to go into a product to check on it. I thought I would wait until pay day for me to buy it, but I don’t see why because I had the money in my bank and I was super paranoid I was going to miss it.

So I got it. And I love it. I just wanted to get something that was a little different to normal. I am not your typical sundress sort of person. I am a girl that lives in leather and my favourite colour is black so I don’t go for normal summer clothes. But this just seemed perfect. It has col-our but it isn’t in your face.

Another reason why I love this so much is because it is perfect for the summer and winter. In summer I just like to wear this with a strappy pair of sandals and maybe a light cardigan or jacket for cooler nights. In the winter I would wear this with some thick black tights, boots and a black turtle neck jumper underneath.

The best part about this dress is the belt around it, it really clinches in the waist which for me is my best asset because it is really narrow. I don’t make the belt too tight though because then the material can gather around the back. It is a nice thick material and is quite weighty, but it feels really nice and comfortable to wear.

The zip on the front is also a good feature because you can choose how far you want to zip it up. For me I like it to be zipped to hide all my chest but I know for some people that they would like to show some skin, especially in the summer months.

I will try to link to the same dress and if I can’t find it I will try to find some similar alternatives and I will leave them below…


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