Tuesday, 28 June 2016

MAC Full Coverage Foundation - C40 Review

I hate to say it because it is so cliché, but this really is my Holy Grail product. I can’t believe that I actually just said that. I normally gip when I see videos or blog posts and people say that, but that is just how high I rank the product.  I am obviously talking about the MAC Full Coverage Crème Foundation.

I can remember a couple years ago I was watching a Wayne Goss video and he mentioned this and used it and I loved it straight away. The amount of coverage that it gave for the small amount that he used was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t get it straight away though because as he kept saying in his videos it is a pro product. And back then the only way to get the pro products was to go into a pro store or call them up.

Personally, I couldn’t have thought of anything worse than having to ring them up to order. I just imagined all the rude bitches from the store on the other end of the phone judging everything that I ordered. Obviously I know now that isn’t the case, it was just a normal call centre, but those gals give me some bad anxiety.

I bit the bullet and called them for the Full Coverage Crème Foundation one day because I needed it for my wrist. I was been a bridesmaid and I wanted to cover my awful tattoo up on my wrist. It was a silly mistake I made when I was 16 and now I live in long sleeves because of it. I needed to cover it because it didn’t fit with the whole elegant feel of my dress. And when I thought of what I could use to cover it this was the first thing that came into my head.

I ordered it, it arrived and I loved it. I use this not just for camouflage work but in my everyday foundation routine. I love to try different foundations but I need high coverage to cover my pigmentation. So usually if my foundation hasn’t completely covered it I will take a small amount of this on a damp beauty blender and gently dab it over the top and everything will be hidden in an instant.

I have to say this is extremely high coverage. It will cover everything that you could possibly want covering and it is even buildable, so if one layer isn’t enough it is easy enough to add another and make it exactly how you want it. Also the application method changes which coverage it gives you. Such as when I use my damp beauty blender I get a very natural look which isn’t too heavy. But then if I use my Chanel foundation brush it goes on much heavier and really does give the whole amount of coverage.

One thing I have noticed about this is that it can be quite drying on the skin. Because it is full coverage and it sticks onto the skin so well it can be quite drying. I notice particular on my forehead that it clings to my skin. I don’t have dry or flaky skin but it can make the dry areas more noticeable.

I really do love this product. I have bought them in numerous shades and I even use it to highlight, conceal and contour the face. I recommend them to everyone. This can even be mixed with a moisturiser like the Chanel Hydra Crème and it will make a perfect liquid foundation.


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