Wednesday, 8 June 2016

MAC Eyeshadows - Omega Wedge Soft Brown Cork Review

I have slowly but surely been taking you though my MAC make up eyeshadow collection and here is the post on my favourite light brown shades. These are the colours that I will use to create depth around my eyes without using anything too deep.

I am 100% a neural colour person. Never in a million years would you see me rocking a bright colour, either on my makeup or clothes. I just think that neutrals will always be classy. I look back at pictures of my mum when she was in her teens in the 80’s and I just think that I never want to be embarrassed like that. Brown on the eyelids will always be in fashion!

So my four most used eyeshadows in my pallet are definitely these 4 that I am about to mention. I use these more or less every day in some way shape or form on my eyes.

First up is the MAC eyeshadow Omega. This is a really light brown which verges on been a nude because it is that light. This I think is great for a sweep across the eyelid on an everyday basis. I find that it just helps hide them fine lines and veins on my eyelids. Then I will take a shade a couple shades darker in the crease. Or even on days when I don’t wear as much make up I will just put Omega into the crease to give ever such a slight amount of depth to the eyes.

Next up in my favourites is Wedge. This is a colour that is just a little darker than Omega and I like it for the same reasons. It goes great all over the lid or in the crease. One thing I do love this eyeshadow for is underneath the lash line. I take it on a MAC 217 brush and just ever so slightly apply it to my lash line before I put on mascara and it just makes the eyes look so much brighter, because it defines but doesn’t overpower.

Soft brown is the next MAC eyeshadow in my favourites and I have to say that it may be my all-time favourite. I have two of these in my MAC pallet because I go through them so quickly. It is such an amazing shade which is so diverse and it looks amazing on everyone. I have used this on brides for years and years. Nobody wants racoon eyes on their wedding day and this is the perfect shade, it has the right amount of depth and coolness to balance it out. It looks great along the eyelid, in the crease and along the lash line. On lighter skin tones than myself it is also a great brow shade. I know that my sister who has blonde hair loves this shade for her eyebrows as it isn’t too ashy in colour.

Cork is the next shade in my little favourite’s collection. This is a really great neural brown shad which I think has some yellow/mustard undertones. I think it is perfectly named, it really is like the colour of a cork! I love this for use in the crease of my eye. Against my skin tone this really makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Perfect for a ‘No Makeup’ makeup look.

I don’t need to do pros and cons on these are just my personal favourites but I do recommend them to everyone.

Please feel free to leave me any comments and if there is anything you want to see please just let me know!


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