Friday, 27 May 2016

MAC Translucent Setting Powder Review

MAC Translucent Setting Powder… I don’t really know where to start with this one. In some ways I absolutely love it but in others I really don’t like it. I have been on the hunt for the perfect loose powder for ages. As much as I love some of my pressed powders like the Rimmel Stay Matte and the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, I do prefer loose powders now-a-days.

The first loose powder I got was the Makeup Forever HD Loose Powder. This hands down is the best powder I have ever used. But the size of the tub it was in was teeny tiny. On the website they made it look massive but in reality it was so small I think it was like 5g of product. And for the money I could have died, needless to say I didn’t repurchase it.

Then I got an Illamasqua one which was the bomb. It was so finely milled, it worked perfectly. To be honest I should have just stuck at that one and been happy, but I went and got this MAC Translucent Powder.

On the MAC website this product looked great. You get 30g of product which is a lot in a loose powder and for the price I thought that it was great value for money. I also had a read of the comments and everyone had really positive things to say about it. So I went ahead a bought a tub of it.

Firstly the things I like about this MAC Set Powder. The first is the quantity that you get, it really is a big tub so it will last you a long time, depending on how much you use. It glides on the skin really soft and doesn’t move the product underneath which is exactly what I’m looking for.

I apply this by getting a powder puff and applying a thin layer all over the face then with my Real Techniques Powder Brush I knock all the excess off. Then I have a nice thin layer of completely matte powder. I have even been out in the rain wearing this and it makes my base look perfect, the water just glides off it.

Now for the not so positive things… It feels really silicone(ish), which I know sounds silly but to me it does. It feels similar to the MAC Skin Base Visage which has silicone in to even out your skin. But when I have already applied a primer, foundation and other things I don’t want more of that on top.

Also I found that a lot of the product sticks inside the case. I usually tip the product into the lid and use. I realised when I was tipping it upside down nothing was coming out but it still looked like there was product inside. So I took the grid off the top and there was so much inside it lasted me another month. The product inside had all clogged together like it was damp.

Overall I have to admit I wouldn’t use this as an everyday powder, I would more likely use something like the Illamasqua or Laura Mercier Loose Powder. However if this is been used for stage makeup I do think it is perfect, as I found it to be sweat-resistant.

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