Monday, 23 May 2016

L’Oréal Infallible Foundation Review

I have been using this L’Oréal Infallible foundation since dinosaurs were roaming the planet. It really does seem to have been that long. I am nearly 22 now and I must have been about 12 when I got my first bottle so nearly a decade I have been obsessed with this.

I can remember getting a Boots gift card for my birthday so I went into store with my dad trotting along behind me, very bored by this point of all the birthday shopping which mostly consisted of me trawling around Claire’s Accessories for hours on end.

In Boots I saw this foundation and immediately wanted to buy it. It looked so cool to little 12-year-old me. Back then, I don’t think it still does but back then it had a brush built in the top which I just thought was genius. So it killed two birds with one stone, a foundation and a brush all in one, I was like wooooo!

This has always been one of them foundations that I have kept a bottle of in my makeup draw and I think that I always will. Whenever I go through a bored stage with my makeup I just pull this out and I love it all over again.

It is quite a heavy texture when you pump it out, it is thick similar to MAC Studio Fix Fluid. But when it is applied to the face it doesn’t feel heavy at all and my favourite way to use this is with the Beauty Blender. I damped my Beauty Blender and it really does sheer this out on the face and makes you feel like you are wearing next to nothing.

I would say the coverage is really good, it is a medium to full coverage which is definitely buildable. And as I said before it can be sheared out with a Beauty Blender, so it can give you whatever coverage you would want.

This says on the L’Oréal website that it is a 24-hour foundation, which I’m not so sure if it is.  I have never had it on that long, I can say I have worn it for around 12 hours and it still looks the same as when I put it on. But I have noticed it can transfer off pretty easily especially if you are prone to touching your face. I notice mainly around my jawline, I will like cuddle my scarf up around my face and it wears off around there.

I really do recommend this foundation to everyone and I do to you as well. Please feel free to leave me any comments, I would love to hear you and I will get back to you soon. I will also leave links below to where you can find any of the products mentioned in this blog post.

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