Sunday, 22 May 2016

Do I Have A Shopping Addiction?

I often get asked the question… “Do you have a shopping addiction?”, especially by my friends and family who see how much money I spend and all of the new things that I buy. Sometimes people don’t even make it a question they just tell me that I have. I never know how to respond to them because I don’t know what classes as having an addiction.

I go out shopping a few times a week and I look at online brands near enough daily. I won’t always buy something but if I see something that I like, I will buy it. But in my eyes this doesn’t mean that I am addicted to it.

I do have to admit though that if I see something that I like and I don’t buy it, I will obsess over it until I go and buy it. To the point where once I have walked through my front door without the item I will go online and buy it straight away, if not I end up winding myself up about it!

I just want to point out that I spend my own hard earned cash on the things I buy. I have never used my credit card to buy anything, my thinking is that if I don’t have the cash for it there and then that I shouldn’t buy it. Very old fashioned way of thinking I know, but it works.

Also, running this blog means that I need to buy new products to keep my content relevant. To keep doing my product reviews, comparisons and fashion and outfit posts I need to have new things to show you guys.

So what do you guys think?

Is there anything wrong with been able to afford and buy the latest things as and when you want them? I know get a lot of ridicule for my new clothes and the items I get delivered to work that my co-workers see. But I just think, I’m not hurting anybody by doing it. And, even if it is an addiction, there are much worse addictions out there surely!

Do any of you guys out there shop a lot, if so where is the line between normal and too much!?

I would love to hear your experiences on this because I have to say it… I am sick of people saying it to me!

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