Sunday, 3 April 2016

River Island Nude Suede Lace Up Sandals

I got these shoes because my boyfriend felt bad for leaving me. Which makes them even better because I didn’t have to pay a penny for them. The thing with me and my boyfriend is that we never argue, never ever. Which I think is pretty good going seen as though we live together and we work together so we see a lot of each other.

But he does go to the football, a lot. He has never missed a match but as a couple it means that we don’t get to have weekends together which can be frustrating. Especially when our couple friends are going out and I’m sat there on my own because he is a match. I don’t say anything to him about it though because it is what he loves but I think he knows it gets to me sometimes.

So, when he had to break the news to me that he was going on a stag party weekend away to watch a football match abroad he presented me with these shoes to soften the blow and I have to admit that it did work. I had been looking at these shoes online for a couple weeks but I couldn’t justify spending £70 on them. But I am so glad that the BF did.

They are really comfortable. Because of the open toe, they are really comfy to wear and you can control how tight they are on the foot because of the tie around the ankle. The material on the foot is also really soft suede which feels lovely. And because of this type of material it means that there is a little give to them to help them mould to the foot.

I have worn these on big nights out where I have been out nearly 12 hours and I have been able to wear them all night long without having to give my feet a break. And they got compliments of everybody that walks past me, male and female!

I will link below to either the same product or some things that are similar…


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