Friday, 1 April 2016

Jo Malone - Wood Sage & Sea Salt Review

Now guys let me introduce you to the nicest smelling fragrance ever and yes, it is another Jo Malone one, this time it is the scent Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I have feel absolutely head over heels in love with this product. To start with I bought it in the 30ml version because I didn’t want a large bottle in case I didn’t like how it wore on me throughout the day. But I ended up loving it that much I used the whole thing in about 3 weeks and I went back and bought the biggest bottle that they have.

Jo Malone in general I just love, whether it is their reed diffusers, soaps, lotions, absolutely anything to Jo Malone, I cannot help but love. I first smelt this when I went to buy my Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. I went into the store and as the sales assistants do to try to make you buy more than one, they tried to make my signature scent. Which is a fabulous idea but it gets expensive.

For my personal scent, she said to use Pomegranate Noir, Peony and Blush Suede and Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I can remember been sat there and smelling it and it was incredible but I only walked away with the Pomegranate Noir. Obviously, me been the shopping addict that I am the Wood Sage and Sea Salt fragrance played on my mind and I had to have it.

I went back the next week, I would have gone back the same day but my mum said I would have looked crazy. But happily, in the end I got it. In my other perfume review I mentioned that I don’t like thinks that are too strong or floral smelling. I am not a flowery type of person, I wear black, black and more black and I like dark and musky things and that is just the way I am!

This Jo Malone fragrance for me is something a little different to what I normally like. This isn’t in anyway a floral scent but it is very fresh smelling. It is quite a light smell with deeper undertones.

I use this every day without a shadow of a doubt, people now especially my colleagues know that this is my scent. I have even replaced the bottle of Chanel No5 in my car with this. That was after a very harsh brake and a smashed bottle meant I lost nearly £100 of perfume in my car carpets. At least with this been a smaller bottle if any accidents do happen I’m not too much out of pocket!

I recommend this product to everyone. If you are not too much of a girly girl but you want a nice, light and fresh scent this is the ideal fragrance for you. Similar to my last Jo Malone fragrance review I recommend going to the counter and experiencing their lovely staff and this amazing fragrance!

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