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Everyday Makeup Look

I can just imagine that this is by far going to be the longest post that I have ever wrote on my blog, so I apologise in advance my darlings… People often stop to compliment me on my makeup, which is the loveliest thing in the world. Then they ask me what products I’m wearing and it’s almost like they want me to list all the products, and there aint no way I’m going to stand there and list about 50 products!

So I thought I would write a post on it and a kind of step by step guide. Girls I work with said that I should just do a YouTube video because it would make it easier for other people, but I’m sure you guys know that I have awful self-esteem issues, so a video is out of the question… for that I apologise again.

Before I get started I will just say now that this will be very MAC heavy, I will briefly touch on each product and why I use it but I won’t go really in depth because I don’t want to bore you. As I mention on the ‘About Me’ page, I am a fully trained MAC makeup artist, so I do love their products, but I bought them with my own money and only use them because they work for me. So let’s get started…

I have to be honest and say that on a daily basis I don’t prime my face in anyway. I don’t find that makeup staying on my face is an issue in anyway. I do touch up around my nose, and I could use a primer there but I just don’t find the need.

Next up is under eye concealing. As I have said before I can suffer with under eye darkness, it isn’t really bad, but I notice it. And I like to cover it up. For that I like to use MAC Studio Fix Concealer. This is a really thick concealer and covers everything. I sometimes like to sheer it out using by Beauty Blender.

My everyday foundation of choice is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Again, this is a full coverage product, but that is just what I like. I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and this foundation covers everything perfectly. I like to buff this into the skin using a Morphe M439 brush and then I go in with a damp Beauty Blender which sheers it out and picks up any excessive product.

Next up is highlighting. For this I like to use MAC’s Full Coverage Foundation in NC20. This is a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone so it works perfectly as a highlighter. I apply this to the skin using the Tom Ford Shade and Light Brush and then I use a MAC 130 to blend it all out.

For contouring I use the MAC Full Coverage Foundation again but in NW50. Similar but opposite to the highlighter, this is a couple shades darker than my natural skin tone so it is the perfect contour shade. I apply this in all the usual places, such as cheekbones, jaw line, hairline and lightly down the nose. I use a MAC 188 brush to apply it and then use a MAC 187 to blend everything out.

Then I go in with MAC Set Powder. To apply this powder, I deposit some to the lid of the pot and then go in with a damp Beauty Blender and place this powder anywhere on the face where I previously highlighted. I don’t do it necessarily to ‘bake’, I just do it to really lock it in place and so it doesn’t crease up. Then using my Real Techniques Powder Brush I just lightly go over the whole face to set everything and make it nice and matte.

Next up is powder highlighting and contouring. For this I use the MAC Shaping and Sculpting Powders. Under my eyes I like to use the colours Soft Focus and Emphasize and for contouring I like to use the colour Shadester. For highlighting I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush and for contouring I use the Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 Powder Brush.

Now that the face is done I move onto eyes. On an everyday basis I don’t wear much eye makeup, just because I don’t find it completely necessary for sitting in an office. I do however go in the crease lightly with MAC Cork mixed with a little MAC Soft Brown on a 217 Brush. I find that this combo creates a really natural looking shadow to the eye.

Up next is eyeliner. For this I use the Seventeen High Drama Liquid Liner. This is just a standard black liner. I have tried both higher and lower end brands and this I find works the best for me. I just do a small winged look, nothing over the top, just small so it opens the eye up a little.

Now this is the point where I find the whole look seems to come together and that is the glorious… Mascara. I don’t in particular have a favourite one, it is just normally whatever is on the top of my draw. Usually I use the Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It just works really well for me personally.

My favourite part of the whole process is next and that is filling in my brows. Usually through all this process they look foul. I always end up getting foundation or highlighter in them, so when I look at myself through the mirror I look like I have no brows. I like to use the Anastasia Brow Powder on the whole eyebrow and then on the outer section of my eyebrow where I like it darker I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade on an Anastasia Brow Brush.

Once the brows are done I then go in with my false lashes. I know I shouldn’t wear them on an everyday basis, but not I am hooked to them. I need to wear them or I think my lash line looks bold. My favourite eyelashes for everyday wear are the Ardell Demi Wispies. Just the perfect natural looking eyelash.

Then I go in with my MAC Bronzer. For this I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Because this brush has a tapered edge it picks up a very minimal amount of product and it buffs it out really well.

Lips are next on the agenda. I very rarely put anything on my lips other than a moisturising balm because I suffer with really chapped lips. But when I do I like them to be completely matte. I usually go over with MAC Spice Lip Liner and then go over very lightly with MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick. I then take my Illamasqua Lip Brush and gently blend everything together.

Finally, I go in with a setting spray, either the Urban Decay Setting Spray or MAC Fix +, and they is everything finished!

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