Tuesday, 19 April 2016

ASOS Lace Up Flats

I got these shoes after drooling over a similar pair of Christian Louboutin Lace up Flats. I wanted them for so long but I just couldn’t justify spending that sort of money on a pair of flat Louboutin’s. For my 18th birthday I treat myself to a pair of flat Louboutin black shoes and even though I loved them more than anything, with every little bit of wear of the red on the bottom my heart broke a little.

So, I thought I would try to look elsewhere before I commit to buying them. Then I saw these on ASOS. Now I am in no-way saying that they look similar because I know that they don’t. I just wanted some that had the lace up style. And I have no doubt that the quality will be poor in comparison to the Louboutin’s, but these were £400 sooooo…

These honestly are so comfortable. I took these on holiday with me when I went to Tunisia and we walked miles every day and I never once thought that they were uncomfortable. And I was in Tunisia at the same time as the terror attacks in June 2015, and we ended up stood in the airport for close to 14 hours just hoping to get on a plane, and the shoes were comfortable!

But one thing I did notice when I got home was that the material near the heel of the shoe had worn away because it touched the floor when your heel is in the shoe. But if you aren’t going to be doing excessive walking like I was I can’t see this really being an issue.

I think I paid around £25 for these shoes and I really do think that they have been worth every single penny of it. I have worn them so many times now and they have never failed me and I know when I put these on that they are going to be nice and comfortable as well as look really nice.

Everyone always asks where these are from because they love them and I can really see why! I will link to either the same thing or some similar items below…


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