Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush Review

This was the first Sigma brush that I ever bought and it was all down to Jaclyn Hill. As you may already know from reading my other reviews I am an impulse buyer and if I see a YouTuber using a product I am a sucker for going and buying it straight away. I know that most of them are affiliates for the brand and are paid to say good things but I am sucked in by it. Foolish I know. But I needed it!

I used to watch Jaclyn use this Sigma F80 Kabuki in nearly every video, before her Morphe M459 brush, this as she would say was her “ride or die” brush. I can remember walking in late one night from college at around 9pm and I had a package sat there on the coffee table. I had ordered it ages before it turned up and I had it shipped from America because I couldn’t find it anywhere in the UK.

From when I got it I used it every day for months on end and I have to say I really did love it. It was just so different than anything I had used before. Previously I had just been using my Chanel paddle traditional style foundation brush, which was good but because it didn’t buff the product in, it would always be quite a heavy application. This brush meant I could use half the amount of product because I could really buff it in and spread it around better.

A big mistake I initially made though was that I would apply my MAC Studio Fix Foundation straight onto my brush, rather than picking it up of a pallet or off the back of my hand. I didn’t realise at the time but eventually the product sunk deep into the bristles and really clogged the brush up. Then this made the bristles stiff and not very nice to use. Now this is all freshly cleansed and like brand new again I pick my product up off a pallet and then apply it and the brush stays like new for so much longer.

I know that technically you are meant to wash your brushes after every application for hygiene reasons but who seriously has time for that. I do my make up in a morning before work and then I have to bolt to get in my car so I am on time, so there is never enough time to wash them. But when I do wash them which I tend to do on a Sunday it always turns up like brand new again.

Even though now I have many other foundation brushes I do occasionally go back to this brush. It applies nice and evenly and for such a great product like this it is really well priced!

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