Saturday, 5 March 2016

River Island Nude Point Toe Pumps

I bought these shoes so many years ago now but I want to mention them because I haven’t found another pair on the high street yet that are anywhere near as nice or as comfortable as these.

I can remember I got these for a New Year’s Eve. Me and my friends were all going out in a big group. We all arranged to meet at one of my friend houses, she was the only one of us at the time who had her own place. So around 50 of us piled into her house and we all had such a good time drinking and having a laugh that we never even went out into the city as planned.

So, I got all dressed up in my heels and everything for no reason at all. The main reason why I wanted a pair of high street heels rather than wearing my Louboutin’s was the club that we were guaranteed to go in at some point had the stickiest floor ever, to the point where it peeled the shoes off your feet. And I wasn’t risking that with £500 heels!

I still wore these shoes all night though because we were going from in the house to the garden just because there was that many of us. And I have to say that these were really comfortable. I didn’t take my foot out of them once and they were on for around 7 hours. The toe box is really shallow, much like a Louboutin Pigalle. But these have material sides so they do give quite comfortably. Also, the sole on the inside of the shoe is nice and padded so no point of your foot doesn’t start to ache.

I highly recommend getting some like these. I think as part of everyone’s collection you need some nude pumps like these and the fact that they are low cost is great. I always like to keep some high-street ones for if I’m going somewhere where my feet could get stood on or dirty.

I will link to some similar ones below and if possible I will link to the same ones.


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