Tuesday, 8 March 2016

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation I really have to say just isn’t really for me. I have tried with it numerous times but I have now quit on it completely. When I want a new MAC foundation I always go to the counter to take a look and speak to a sales associate. I just figure that if I’m going to give them my money for a high-end product I want a little consultation first.

So, I went in and I have to say it was a disaster from start to finish. I informed the lady that I wanted a full coverage foundation that was good for normal skin that can get oily around the nose area. I said I had been trying the MAC Studio Fix Fluid for years and I have loved it, but I just want to try something else for a while.

First, she matched me completely to the wrong colour. I have always been around an NC30 – NC40. I am very yellow/olive based due to my Italian heritage, so I know I shouldn’t be wearing something pink based. She matched me to NW40 which even in the tube was the most orange colour I have ever seen. I argued my case and said that it wasn’t my shade and just to forget it and I wasn’t going to buy it. She said she was 100% positive it was going to work. I took her word for it because at the end of the day it is just job to know this.

I took it home and put it on in the morning and half an hour later when I had finished my makeup it had oxidised that much I literally had to take it off and start again with my Studio Fix. Then I thought I would try it again another day and give it another shot. Again, it was crap. The colour changed that much throughout the day it could have been about 4 shades darker.

The MAC Studio Sculpt foundation is also so thick. I felt like I was plastering my face because it was that thick. I have tried it with a beauty blending, buffing brush and normal foundation brush and I just cannot get it to work for me. The coverage I found to be around a medium coverage as opposed to a full coverage foundation that wanted. It is buildable however so you can get a full coverage look which just means applying more very thick product which I found can get very cakey on the skin.

Another reason why I couldn’t apply more of this to make it more full coverage is because I found it far too oily and to put another layer on my face would have made me feel like a sticky mess. I have to admit my opinion of this foundation may have been hell of a lot different if I had initially been matched to the correct colour. It just ruined it all for me.

I have to say that I in no way would repurchase this foundation, it genuinely just isn’t for me and I would like to use a quote that I found on the review section of this foundation on the MAC website…
“I thought it was going to change my life but instead it broke my heart” hahahahahha

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