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MAC Eyeshadows - Gesso Electra Brule All That Glitters Review

I have always been a lover of makeup. As long as I have been doing a full face of makeup I have been wearing eyeshadows and in particular MAC eyeshadows. Again, I think they came as recommendation of Kandee Johnson on YouTube. It was some kind of natural everyday smokey eye that she was doing so I immediately bought everything she used, naturally.

Over the years I have bought lots of individual eyeshadows and in the end they annoyed me so much. Just because all the packaging is the same black colour with the shade only wrote on the bottom and I displayed them on their side so they all looked the same. So I depotted them and put them into a pallet.

I have a double pallet that runs from the lightest shade in one corner going all the way down to the darkest. These 4 eyeshadows that I am going to mention next  are 4 of my favourite white/light/neutral shades.

Gesso is the lightest shade that I have in my pallet. It is a matte shade which makes it perfect for everyday use. I like to use this on a normal shader brush and I just put a light sweep all over my eyelid. I think it makes the eye look so much whiter and brighter.

The next shade in my pallet is Electra. This is a very silvery icey shade. I have to admit I haven’t used this shade that much. I am more of a neutral person. This comes out when I am going out or for an occasion when I want my makeup to look a little different. This is a really shimmery shade which I think looks really good on the inner tear duct of the eye, which gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

The next MAC eyeshadow in my pallet is Brule. This is a matte eyeshadow with a slight frost which is a really soft and beige creamy toned eyeshadow. This is my everyday go to eyeshadow for all over my eyelid. I use this on a MAC 217, then go in with a matte brown eyeshadow on a MAC 217 in the crease. I find this combination works a treat. I also use to do this on brides, no matter what look they were looking for this is a great base to build on.

Then in the pallet is the MAC eyeshadow All That Glitters. This is a colour that is really beige with flecks of gold throughout. I would describe the finish as iridescent with a pearl shine to it. It looks great all over the eyelid, I find it really captures the light and makes eyes look wide and glossy!

I can’t really do pros and cons on eyeshadows because I chose these because I find them poles apart to any high street eyeshadows that I have previously bought. The only downside I think to these I think if you have all the individual pots which can get messy and take up so much space!

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