Friday, 4 March 2016

Chanel Perfection Lumier Foundation Review

I was stood at the Chanel counter one day when I was on my lunch purchasing my refill of Chanel No5 and I saw it sat on the shelf and I had to buy it. I know it is a very stupid thing to do to buy a Chanel foundation purely because of the packaging but it is so pretty!

When I saw it I was just obsessed. The bottle is a rectangle shape and the glass bottle is frosted which I love on a foundation. For me frosted glass just makes it feel a lot more luxurious. It is just a really nice looking bottle and when you take the black cap off the top it looks good.

And the product is out of this world. The foundation is thick in consistency. Such as if you pumped some out onto the back of your hand it would not just run off. But it is also not so thick that it feels like your putting something really thick on your face. It also blends out really nicely with you use a nice big buffing brush.  

The coverage is really good as well. It is a full coverage and will cover everything that is needed but it still looks like skin and does in no way at all look cakey. It is also very buildable just in case you do need areas with a little more coverage than others. If I need more coverage in certain areas I will just lightly press some more of the foundation into certain areas using the Morphe M439 brush.

This foundation is scented, which some people don't like but I absolutely love it. It isn't a very strong smell, and in my opinion it is lovely but I know for some people it does cause issues when they wear scented. But one I have finished my makeup I can no longer smell the scent of the foundation.

How I tend to apply this is I pump some of this out onto my makeup pallet, then take my Chanel paddle foundation brush and brush it onto the outer areas of my face and where I feel I need more coverage. Then I take my damp beauty blender and start to buff it all out until it looks flawless. I then go back in with my concealer and contour.

For me as well the colour range is perfect. It obviously won't be for everybody, but for me with olive tone skin I can get a perfect match. I always get compliments on my makeup when I wear this foundation. It makes the skin look poreless, smooth and perfected.

This for me really is the perfect foundation but I don't wear it every day. Because it is so expensive I cannot justify wearing it on an everyday basis, it comes out when I know I need my face to look flawless all day long. I am definitely going to repurchase this foundation over and over again because the quality is so nice.  

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