Friday, 5 February 2016

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Review

I decided to review this product because one of my followers on Tumblr and Instagram asked me to. I went out and bought that product and have been trying it out for around a fortnight now. I heard about this product a while ago now when the whole Rimmel Wake Me Up range first came out. I have wanted to try it since then but it has always just been something that I forgot to pick up when I went to Boots and Superdrug.

I wanted to try this Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and see how it stood up to my normal concealer which is the MAC Studio Fix Concealer. I know some people may think it is unfair to compare two concealers that are on appearance quite different, but my MAC concealer has been my go to for such a long time and I love the finish, coverage and appearance of that concealer. So, I think it is good to compare it compare to something that I love so much!

I used this in the same way I normally use concealer and that is under my foundation to cover my dark circles. That is normally the only time I use concealer, I am quite lucky in that I never really suffer from blemishes so my only need for concealer is definitely my dark circles. I work long hours and it really does show around my eyes which is normally why I use such a high coverage concealer.

I applied a thin layer of my Smashbox Photo Ready Primer. Then I applied 4 small dots of this under each eye and gently blended it in with a MAC 130 Small Duo Fibre Blending brush. With just using this I could see that it had not covered all my darkness. Vast majority had been covered but in areas where it is a particular dark shade of purple it was still visible.

I then went on to apply my normal foundation, which at the moment is the YSL Touché Clat Foundation. I applied this with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I used small buffing motions throughout my whole face, and under the eyes I gently pat the foundation over the concealer to try not to move the concealer too much, so that all of the darkness doesn't start to pee back through. 

I found that no matter how gently I applied my foundation on top of my concealer it appeared to move the concealer that was already there, making me dark circles more visible. With just the concealer on top of my skin if you look closely into a mirror you could see the product just sat there, it didn’t look like it had blended in at all.

So, I thought that I would try it the other way around and apply this concealer over the top of my foundation to conceal and brighten. I blended it out using a damp Beauty Blender and I have to say that it did actually blend out quite nicely. I then used the Rimmel Translucent Setting Powder to lock everything into place and stop it from moving around. I have to admit that to start with my makeup did look good but again all of my darkness wasn’t concealed.

I found that even though straight away after using this concealer my makeup did look nice, after a couple of hours, my makeup started to break up around my nose. I have quite a lot of oil around my nose and I felt like this concealer just couldn't really hold up well against it, like my favourite MAC Studio Fix Concealer does. It is never a good look for your concealer to look like it is cracking, and that is how my makeup looked when I reached for this. I have even tried to rectify it using a little more translucent powder and it didn't seem to work.

I do like this concealer as a quick option to reach for. If I wanted something that was going to last all day, I think I would have to go for my old reliable MAC Studio Fix Concealer, it just seems to last much better. But, for the low price point, I think the Rimmel is a good drugstore concealer. As normal with my blog posts, I will leave a link down below to this product in case you want to check it out. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you thought about it if you've tried it!


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