Thursday, 25 February 2016

MAC Select Sheer Cover Pressed Powder Review

I have 3 of these in the same shade just because I keep them everywhere, that is how much I love them. I have one at home in my makeup collection, the other in my handbag and the other one in my car. The same rules apply for this as they do for my Chanel No5. I can never own too much of it. I even have a spare just in case I hit pan on one of them and it smashes. It has happened before and I think I had a meltdown about it! Funny how little things get to you!

I have very normal skin. If I have got any problems with it I would say that my forehead can get dry sometimes and I can be oily around my nose, especially in the summer months.

My sister has always described me as a bitch, and not just because I was her sister and we fought like cat and god. But because I have absolutely blemish free skin. I always have, not through trying though. I would wash my face with normal hand soap at night and that is all I would do. Whereas she had to really try with cleansers and Clearasil's and she still suffered really bad with her skin and spots.

Getting back on subject now. I like a matte foundation, I don’t like a sticky face, and it really winds me up. So, I always powder my face and set everything in place. To me I just think it looks better and makes the makeup last so much longer!

And this is the powder that I use to do the job. Like I said I have very clear skin so I don’t feel that I need to add extra coverage with a full coverage powder. That is why this MAC Select Sheer Cover Powder is ideal. I take a big fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Powder Brush and throw it on my face.

It lasts like a gem. But I always notice in the afternoon I do need to touch up, particularly around my nose. I do seem to get oily there throughout the day. So, I take a small amount of this Select Powder on a Real Techniques Setting Brush and just go over the areas where I feel I need it. This brush is perfect because it picks up just enough product and applied it precisely enough so that I don’t look cakey all over.

Plus, the other reason why I don’t go back in with my main powder brush is because I don’t want to get oils on the brush from my face and then put the brush back into the product. That would be naaasty!
It also comes in so many different colours and skin tones, you are bound to find the one that would match you.

When I was working freelance I would use this powder on my clients. I chose this powder as it isn’t really that expensive in comparison to some powders that you can buy and it sets everything in place. Also with the extensive shade range there is something for everybody and because I own them own depending on skin tones I can use this powder to contour as well.

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