Thursday, 25 February 2016

MAC Select Sheer Cover Pressed Powder Review

I have 3 of these MAC Sheer Pressed Powders in the same shade just because I keep them everywhere, that is how much I love them. I have one at home in my makeup collection, another of them other in my handbag and one in my car for on the go touch ups. The same rules apply for this as they do for my Chanel No5. I can never own too much of it. I even have a spare just in case I hit pan on one of them and it smashes. It has happened before and I think I had a little meltdown about it! Funny how little things get to you!

The reason why I have this MAC powder dotted all over the place is because of my oily skin. I tend to set my liquid products in the morning using a translucent powder such as the Laura Mercier or the RCMA and then through the day I will keep my oils at bay using this MAC Sheer Pressed Powder. Because of my oily complexion I always go towards matte foundations, to not add more oil to my already oily complexion, but throughout the day, because of my natural oils, I do have to powder lightly a couple times and a sheer powder is just the ticket.

I am incredibly lucky that I have very clear skin. I have never really been one to get blemishes throughout the month, I tend to get a breakout once every couple of months and that is only when it is the monstrous time of the month. So, when I am applying powder throughout the day, I don't need to to add anymore coverage, I just need it to mattify my skin. One of the main things that I love about this MAC powder is how long it lasts on my skin, it really is a little gem. 

What I like to do when I touch up with this powder is to take a small amount of this Select Powder on a Real Techniques Setting Brush or a Morphe E48 brush and just go over the areas where I feel I need it. This brush is perfect because it picks up just enough product and applies it precisely enough so that I don’t look cakey all over and it doesn't go into the areas where I have already contoured or bronzed my skin up. That way it just keeps everything looking neat and sharp.

The reason why I like to use a small Real Techniques Setting Brush to take out and about with me when I touch up my face is because I don't like to use my mains powder brush to touch up because I don't want to get oils on my brush. Because then if I put the brush back into the powder it would make the powder all nasty. Plus the good thing about this powder is that it comes in so many different colours and skin tones, you are bound to find the one that would match you.

When I was working freelance I would use this powder on so many of my clients. I chose this powder as it isn’t really that expensive in comparison to some powders that you can buy and it sets everything in place. Also with the extensive shade range there is something for everybody and because I own them own depending on skin tones I can use this powder to contour as well.


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