Sunday, 21 February 2016

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle

I am not a massive fan of highlighter, I have to put that out there before I even start this review. This has been sat in my collection for so long and I think it will always be there because of how little I wear it. It is not that I don’t like it, it is just that I am terrified I am going to go overboard and look like a tool. And I don't mean that nasty to anybody that likes a blinding highlight, it is just a look that I find doesn't really compliment my skin or texture very well, it is subtly all the way for me when it comes to highlighter.

Also, when it comes to buying makeup I would always much rather buy a foundation than a highlighter. I never got on the bandwagon of the strobing trend, for me that was just far too much. I would watch tutorials on YouTube and I won’t name any names but I was just thinking... WHAT! In my opinion if you want to look highlighted and really emphasise areas of the face I would recommend watching somebody like Wayne Goss who just seems to smell it out for you in black and white.

Some people seem to end up resembling disco balls. I never like to slam anybody but they go far too overboard with it all. Everything subtly and with a light hand looks perfect. But, I guess it is each to their own when it comes to makeup, that is the good thing about it. I do love how a little highlighter looks on top of the cheekbones and on the cupid's bow, but it can be scary. Some people end up looking like Edward from Twilight when he steps out into the sun.

That is why I have barely touched this product, through fear of fucking up my face once that the rest of my makeup is already on. I think it was Kandee Johnson that I first saw use this product, and naturally I had to buy everything to recreate the look and this was one of the products. My first mistake with this product was using the brush I use to set my under-eye concealer. Then the following day when I went to set my under-eye concealer it still had this highlighter on. I had the sparkliest dark circles in all of the land. I feel like this MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and gentle is just such an iconic product and I am sure that you have all already heard of it at some point.

So, for this product I really do apply a very minimum amount and for that I use a small brush like the MAC 217. This way I can't fall into the product too much with a heavy hand and I can apply it more precisely. I also use this as the very last thing when applying my make-up. I get the tiniest bit on my brush and apply it to the highest areas of my cheekbones. Then with whatever is left on my brush I will gently brush over my cupids bow. Remember that anything that is highlighted and brightened gets brought forward.

The MAC Soft & Gentle is honestly such a great colour. I find that it really does match such a broad spectrum of skin tones. When I was a freelance makeup artist I used this on countless brides for years and it has suited pretty much everybody that I have done. I even use it as an eyeshadow because it makes the eyes looks so bright as the light catches the light so beautifully. If you are ever near a MAC store and are thinking of buying this MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, I would just have a little swatch on the back of your hand to see if it matches your skin tone.

If you have tried this MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you thought about it. This has been a go to highlighter of mine for so many years and that is just because the quality is second to none. I will also leave a link down below to the items mentioned in this post in case you want to check them out!


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