Saturday, 13 February 2016

MAC Lip Liners Review

This past year I have become obsessed with lip liners. I think is all due to the Kylie matte lip craze. Before the last year, I would only ever wear lip liner if I was going to wear a red lip and it was purely practice to stop it from bleeding around my lips and for longevity.

However, now I wear them every single day without any lipstick over the top. They make the lips look full and pouty and done in the right way you can over line slightly without looking like a clown. I have been accumulating a small collection overtime and there are still many more that I want to purchase that are on my wish list.

The best thing about wearing a lip liner is that it will last on your lips all day long. Obviously if you rub your lips and all the normal things it will wear off, but if you are careful it will last and look nice for a very long time. I always line my lips to their natural shape and then I go back in with the lip liner just on the outer edge of my lips. Once my lips are fully lined I will correct the shape of them. The right side of my lips is more round in appearance than the other. It is not always noticeable but with lip liner it does make it more obvious.

Then I will go in with a thin piece of tissue paper and put this on top of my lips and blot with translucent powder through the tissue. That way it locks the colour in place. Then I will go back in with my lip liner and ever so gradually over line my lips.

Remember that it is always easier to add to more product than it is to take it away. Then I will go back in with the tissue and translucent powder and lock everything in place when I am finished. MAC lip liners are definitely my favourite. I have tried many different high street brands and I just find that they don’t hold up as well as the MAC ones.

My favourite colours that I have are Spice and Ruby Woo. They look amazing. And I tend to pair the Spice lip liner with Velvet Teddy Lipstick and I use Ruby Woo Lipstick with that lip liner.

My only grievance about these lip liners is that they are so drying on the lips. If I wear these on my lips without lipstick on top, I can guarantee you that within an hour my lips will look like they are about to crack because they just suck all of the moisture out of your lips. So, I always make sure that I have a lip balm with me just to keep adding through the day, then I find them really wearable.

I really do recommend these lip liners; I tell everybody who wants to line or even over-line their lips that they need to get some of these. I have used these on brides and girls going to prom and they have always loved the results and I have never had a single complaint.

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