Monday, 29 February 2016

MAC Face & Body Foundation

MAC Face and Body is a product I think divides opinion. People either completely love it or they hate it. I think this was actually the first foundation that I bought from MAC and it put me off buying another for a very long time. Now looking back, I think it could have been part down to how I applied it.

The first thing you notice when you buy this product and pour some out is just how watery it is. It is a water based foundation which helps when it is used for use on the body. But I have to admit I really didn’t like that about this foundation.

When I wear makeup, I wear it because I want my skin to look absolutely flawless. I do not wear makeup to go for a natural look. Because if I want to look natural I would rather not wear any foundation. I know this is not the same for everybody as many people do want a natural looking make up look and be able to see skin. And I do really like how it looks on other people, but it just isn’t for me personally.

This MAC Face and Body foundation is a really sheer finish. Just to cover my freckles alone I had to apply about 3 layers which is a ridiculous amount of product and by the end of applying all of them layers my face felt really thick and cakey.

I initially wanted this foundation because of Pixiwoo, yet again I was sucked in by a YouTube tutorial. I can remember seeing one of them using it. In one shot they had no makeup on and then you saw them starting to apply then the next shot it was all finished and they looked perfect. I just didn’t realise how much work it would take to get to this stage!

What I do love this foundation for is my chest. I have never put makeup on my body before and I do it very rarely but when I do I find it makes such a massive difference. I don’t use it for coverage at all, because there is next to non. I love this purely for colour of it. I use it on my body because I fake tan. I use St Tropez in dark and I love the colour that it gives.

I naturally have a very deep olive skin tone so it doesn’t look too dark on me. But my chest never really tans that well. For whatever reason, it is it just doesn’t develop as strong there as everywhere else on my body. I’ve heard other people say the same thing. Apparently, it’s because there isn’t much tissue, it is just bone.

Anyway, I have a MAC Face and Body that matches me when I’m tanned, then I pour some out onto my pallet and add a few of my MAC Lustre Drops. Then using a huge fluffy brush by Morphe I apply it to my chest. When I have applied it I then go in with a powder puff and some translucent powder to lock it all in place. Then sometimes I will go back over with Terracotta Bronzing Spray. And finally, I all match!

If anybody is contemplating getting this foundation I would highly recommend going into a store and getting a sample and trying it out and seeing how it works for you personally.

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