Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Review

I have really wanted this perfume for so long and I am so glad that I went out and finally got my hands on it. I can remember years ago, when I started my first job around 5 years ago, there was a women who I worked with, that wore this every single day and I could not deny how incredible this smelt. But, as much as I wanted to buy it, I didn't really like the woman that I worked with, so I didn't want her to think that I bought it through any affiliation with her, even though secretly it was all because of her, but she didn't need to know that!

So, I went into the Jo Malone shop and sat down with the sales assistant and we started going through all the different scents. She told me all about how I should layer the fragrance to get a personalised scent that people will associate with me. I liked the idea but hell no was I going to buy 4 perfumes and layering them every day. Not to mention, how big they think my bank account actually is. I was sat there for a good 15 minutes talking about what scents I like and what use it was for etc. By the end of it all when it was time to purchase I had smelt that many different perfumes and sprayed them, I couldn’t distinguish between them anymore!

I have to admit it was lovely going into the store, I would highly recommend it to anybody. The sales assistant that I dealt with was really attentive and I know she would have wanted my money for commission but it really didn’t seem like that. I ended up buying two perfumes, Pomegranate Noir and Wood Sage and Sea Salt. The Pomegranate Noir is the fragrance that I initially went into the store wanting to buy.

I am not the sort of girl who likes really floral smelling perfumes, I like deep and musky tones. This perfume hits both of them boxes perfectly. That is why I usually wear Chanel No 5, it is a deep and rich smell. I literally bath myself in this stuff, I have the hair mist, body lotion and perfume. I even have 3 bottles of it, one for my bedroom, another for my hand bag and one that I keep in my car!

Whenever I wear this Jo Malone perfume I get a barrage of compliments all day long. I have never really known a perfume wear quite as nice all day long as this Jo Malone perfume does. It is intense, which I know everybody doesn’t like but I absolutely adore it. My mum, personally however cannot stand this. She once sprayed it on herself and literally went for a shower after because it was far too rich in smell for her. But she likes how it smells when it is on me. It is just too strong to be under her nose all day.

When I apply this fragrance for work in a morning, I will put it on around 8am and I can still smell it on myself until I would say mid-day, then I have a little spritz and reapply. But 4 hours wear I think is plenty enough, especially for an occasion or a night out. I also have to mention the name, which genuinely is 100% perfect. It smells like deep dark pomegranate, which I know sounds absolutely mental because I would never describe anything as smelling like that but it really really does!

I recommend people go into a store and try this perfume out for themselves, if you are like me and tend to gravitate towards stronger scents, this is perfect. When I went into a store to try this out, I had such a great experience and I would recommend everybody go in and see what it is like. I really do rank it up there with my Chanel No5, I always feel torn in a morning when I chose between the two. Oh, and the boxes make great decorations, they are so pretty, I sit them on a shelf on my dressing table and it looks gorgeous. Far too pretty to throw away!

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