Friday, 8 January 2016

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

This has always been one of them products that I constantly go back to. I try other things, get bored, and then reach for this again. For me it is a ride or die product, I am obsessed with it and I have been for years and years. I actually think that this was one of the first high-end foundations that I ever bought.

I first started using this product years and years ago. After my very first and intimidating visit to a MAC store, I got this foundation and was thrilled. Not so much through when I got home and realised you had to pour it out. I hated that. I found it was so messy and so much product was wasted. And back then as a poor student I didn’t have the money to be wasting MAC makeup!

My lovely mother surprised me one day when she went shopping and came home with a pump for it and I thought that all my prayers had been answered. My love affair with this foundation started from there. Back when I first bought this foundation I didn’t really have any good brushes, I had an old-style paddle foundation brush but that was it really. I did like this foundation with a paddle foundation brush but it applied a really thick layer. Since I have tried this with different buffing brushes and I find it much better applying it in that way.

I used up my whole bottle more or less straight away and went to re-buy another. I got colour matched again by a MAC sales assistant and the colour that she gave me was awful. She matched me to NC44.5, when in the first bottle I was NC35. I told her this, but she knew better, obviously. I went away and tried it out and I have never known a foundation oxidise as much. I can remember going into the bathroom at college and was mortified when I saw the colour that it had turned. I immediately got in my car and went home to sort it out!

I think it was just a bad colour match, but it completely turned me against this product, I stopped using it for so long and went onto something else. I only went back to this product when I discovered the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. I found that this gave a much sheer and blended look, which is definitely what I was after. It still hid any imperfections that I didn’t want, but it applied a light layer which was definitely buildable.

I have also tried applying and blending this out using the Beauty Blender which I found worked really well, but I felt like I was losing a lot of the product to the sponge itself, meaning that it wasn’t that full coverage and that was the main reason why I liked this foundation. Like I said, this is just one of them products that I am obsessed with and it has been in my collection for such a long time and I always have to make sure that I have a bottle of it in my drawer! 

If you are looking for a nice full coverage foundation, with a medium to full coverage finish, then this is the perfect foundation. Anyway, if you have tried this foundation out, make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you thought about it. If you want to find out some more about this MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, I have added a link to the item.


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