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MAC Lipsticks Review

MAC Lipsticks are just one of them classic cult beauty products. I am a hoarder of MAC lipsticks and I just can’t seem to stop buying them. Over the years, I have tried out so many different brands of lipsticks and the good thing that I think about a MAC lipstick is that you can always rely on them. You know for a fact if you pull one out of your bag that it is going to be really good quality.

It has been really highly requested here on my blog to show you some of my MAC Lipsticks, so here it is. I’m not going to go through every single one that I have in my collection because it will just get really long and I can’t imagine that nobody would want to read that.

So, I thought I would just give you a little breakdown and then let you know my top 3 MAC lipsticks. My top 3 are the ones that I repurchase over and over again and they are the ones that I keep in my bag at all times.

I am massive fan of MAC matte lipsticks. I have quite big lips naturally and I just love how a matte lip makes the lips look. Especially when you have a good lip liner on underneath. Also, with a matte lipstick I don’t really have to worry about it through the day. All I need to do is apply it in the morning and then just pretty much forget about it. I probably touch up once after I eat my lunch and then they are as good as new.

The best thing about matte lipsticks is that I don’t have to worry about it smudging or my hair sticking into it. I have hair like Hagrid from Harry potter so when I am wearing glosses or creamy lipsticks and the wind is blowing I know for a fact I am going to be pulling my hair off my lips most of the day and that feeling hurts my soul.

One things I will say about the MAC matte lipsticks is that you have to make sure that your lips are well hydrated before you apply it. Because they are matte they can be quite drying and suck the moisture out of you lips. So I like to make sure that while I am doing my base and eye makeup that I sit with a lip masque on to get as much moisture into my lips.

At the end of the day when I am removing my makeup I will take my lipstick off with a makeup wipe, and then exfoliate my lips either with some brown sugar or my Lush lip scrub. Then when I wash that off I will go in with a nice lip balm, my favourite is the Nivea Lip Butter.

Anyway, now onto my three favourite MAC Lipsticks…

1)             Whirl

This is such a stunning deep neutral shade. I have very deep coloured lips naturally. So, normal nudes on my are just far too light and wash me out and I don’t like using a lighter colour on my lips than my lips naturally are. This is just such a great everyday shade for me. It is a pink/purple shade but it is deep with brown undertones rather than bright.

2)                   Ruby Woo

This for me is the classic pin up red shade. This colour really comes out to play for me in December. I live in red lipstick because it is the only thing that brightens up my all black outfits. This is a red blue colour and just looks so vibrant on the lips. I always make sure that I pair it with the matching lip liner and when I wear the two together it is a combination that lasts for ages.

3)                   Velvet Teddy

This is a classic cult product for a reason. Thanks to Kylie Jenner over the last few years this has turned into a lip product that is hard to get your hands on. This is an incredible neutral shade. I would say that it is similar to the Whirl shade that I mentioned before but ever such a bit lighter.

I hope that you liked this post. I will be doing another post in the future that is purely just images of my collection so that I don’t bore you with all of the jargon. Anyway, please feel free to leave me any comments below and I will get right back to you!

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