Tuesday, 12 January 2016

LA Girl Pro Concealer Reviews

I will admit right now that I did only jump on the bandwagon of these LA Girl Pro Concealers thanks to the one and only Carli Bybel. She used to use these all the time to highlight and contour with, and I just knew that I had to try and get my hands on them. Obviously wanting to do anything that Carli Bybel does, I logged straight onto Amazon and bought a highlighting and contouring shade. I will admit though, I have never got it to look quite as easy or good as Carli did, but I guess that’s because she is a genius and we should all bow down.

First thing I wanted to touch on was the packaging. All of the LA Girl Pro Concealers have the same packaging. They are squeezey tubes, with a brush on the end. To start with I didn’t think that these would be that great, but I actually really like it and it seems to work really well. I will say that when I first got these through the post, it was hard to initially get the product going. I actually had to give it to my boyfriend who used plain brute force to get things going, but since then, it has been perfect!

I find that both of the LA Girl Pro Concealers that I have tried are both incredibly creamy and blendable. I am always a little bit nervous when it comes to applying new makeup over my foundation. Usually I go for high end foundations because they just seem to work better for my skin. So I am always pretty sceptical adding foundation on top of a £50 foundation in case it doesn’t work out well, but honestly I have no complaints to how this blends out. I have tried to blend this out using my fingers, a brush and Beauty Blenders and I think it looks the best with a Beauty Blender.

When it comes to the concealing and highlighting shade, I have to admit that I don’t feel like it lasts very well on my skin. I am pretty oily around my nose and even though I try and combat this with my primer and choice of foundation, I have to be careful with what other products I use on top of that. The highlighting shade in my opinion just didn’t work around my nose, I found that through the day it made my foundation break up a little, which isn’t cute.

The contouring shade on the other hand was just perfection. I use this on my nose, cheekbones, forehead and under the jawline and it looks incredible. I have used hell of a lot of crème contouring products over the years, but I have never really tried something that is as amazing as this is. It always blends out perfectly and looks so pretty on the skin. Not only does it blend out nicely, it also makes my skin look really smooth and flawless. Since trying this out, I have even bought some other shades and a backup, because I don’t want to run out of this stuff!

Since I bought this product, I haven’t even reached for anything else to contour with. Even though I know that the highlighting shade and contouring shade that I have will be made from the same ingredients and it will essentially be the same product, I just don’t think it works around my nose. But for the areas where I contour, this stuff is a godsend. And not to mention that for the price, I think these were around £3.99 each when I bought them from Amazon, I don’t think that you can get anything that is as higher quality for such a low price point.

If you are on the market from a good quality drugstore foundation, then really look no further than these LA Girl Pro Concealers. They have had hell of a lot of hype recently and I can honestly understand why, it is a great concealer for the price. It always blends out really nice, lasts well on the areas where I’m not oily and leaves my skin looking nice and pretty. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend trying this out!

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