Friday, 22 January 2016

Anastasia Brow Powder Review

Again, my obsession with eyebrow products continues. This was another one much like my beloved Anastasia Dip Brow, it took me a while to buy. I have been using my Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder for so long. But then I hit pan and I my brows were looking quite light in comparison to my hair so I needed a deeper shade. So, I thought I would branch out and try something new for a change.

I bought this, used it once then disregarded it because of how different it felt compared to my Illamasqua Brow Cake. I think it was because I had been using that powder for so long I just didn't want anything else. Firstly, I had to admire the packaging of this product. It had so much more of a luxurious look than my Illamasqua Brow Cake. I know that doesn't affect how your eyebrows look but I am a sucker for nice packaging!

I found this product to be quite chalky in texture when I was applying it. It didn't seem to glide through my brows like the other powders I have previously used have. The Illamasqua Brow Cake was quite buttery in texture and was really nice and blendable, so switching was a big change. I decided I would try to commit to using the Anastasia for a period of time to give it a fair chance. I used this for about a month on and off. In my honest opinion I am still in two minds about this product.

When I first started using this powder I soon realised that it is nothing different to the other eye shadows or brow powders that I have used before. I thought this would be super special because it was made by the brow legend Anastasia. I have used recently both the Illamasqua brow cake and currently I have been using MAC matte brown eyeshadows and they are really similar. And I have to also admit for the price I would just go for a MAC matte brown eyeshadow, and it is definitely cheaper!

But on the other hand, for travelling I find this Anastasia Brow Powder amazing! Like I said I use MAC eye-shadows, but I don't have the individual pot eye shadows, I have them in a double pallet so it is neater and tidier. However, when I travel I take the absolute minimum make up, which means I don't take all my pallets. So, this individual brow powder is really great!

Something else I loved about this product is that you get two shades in the one pot. I wasn't so sure about this at first because I hadn't had anything like it before, but it's amazing. I like the end of my brow to be strong and defined so the deeper coloured powder is great for this, and he inner portion of the brow I like to be soft and feathered so the lighter shade of the two works like a dream.

This is something that I can't see myself using all the time. As, when I'm in my own home I can just grab my MAC palette. But for travelling and keeping in my bag I definitely think that the Anastasia Brow Powder is a necessity, and if I don't use it all the time I can see it lasting for so long!

Overall, I have to admit I think I will always keep one of these powders for my small makeup bag and for travelling. But it will not replace my everyday brow powders which are MAC matte brown eye shadows.

Please leave me anything in the comments and if you want to see a review please let me know!

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